Relations With Law Enforcement Authorities, Administrative Procedure

The following procedures are intended to guide the involvement of law enforcement authorities in the schools:

Law enforcement officials may enter school premises:

  1. In the event of an emergency endangering student or staff safety;

  2. At the request of school administrators;

  3. When there is a warrant to arrest a student which cannot be executed outside of school hours. School administrators are not obligated to make students or school facilities available to law enforcement for non-school-related investigations/arrests;

  4. In exigent circumstances as authorized by law.

School administrators shall attempt to contact the student’s parents/guardians prior to allowing law enforcement authorities to interrogate, search or arrest a student at school, except when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a health or safety emergency requires the interrogation, search or arrest to take place without prior notice.

Law enforcement authorities are responsible for ensuring that a student is informed of his/her rights prior to an interrogation, search or arrest conducted by law enforcement authorities.

A student may be removed from school by law enforcement authorities when there is a court order, an arrest warrant or when a warrantless arrest is authorized by law. School administrators shall attempt to notify the student’s parents/guardians as soon as possible of the student’s removal from school.

School administrators shall release student information to law enforcement authorities only as allowed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Cross Reference: JRA–Student Records
Adopted: June 21, 2002