In order to inform students, parents and staff members of pertinent School Committee policies, regulations and school rules and procedures, the administration shall publish handbooks containing information about the school unit as a whole and the individual schools. Handbooks shall set forth the mechanics for achieving the goals prescribed by School Committee policies; shall include specific steps, procedures, or requirements; and shall contain details relevant to the administration of the school. The contents of handbooks shall conform with School Committee policies, administrative regulations and state and federal laws and regulations.

Each year, the superintendent shall ensure that administrators review the contents of handbooks and indicate changes needed before publication and distribution. Administrators may also propose changes throughout the school year. All proposed changes shall be presented to the Policy Committee of the School Committee, which will determine if the change is significant, requiring full School Committee approval. 

The Policy Committee shall be responsible for assuring that handbook content continues to properly reflect the vision and mission statement of the Yarmouth School System and is consistent with School Committee policy.

Adopted:         May 23, 1996
Revised:          January 28, 2010, January 25, 2018