Planned Family Absences

When a student misses classes for a planned family absence:

  1. Teachers will not be expected to reteach materials.

  2. Tests and quizzes missed must be made up in accordance with the present make-up policy. (All homework must be made up within the same number of days as the days missed.)

  3. Reports, term papers or projects that would become due during the period of absence must be submitted to the teacher prior to the absence or be subject to a grade reduction.

[Note: Without prior approval of the principal, failure to follow the Planned Family Absence procedure will result in zeros for missed work.]

View/download planned absence approval form below:

Planned Absence Form

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA Sec. 5001-AAdopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1987; June 8, 1992; _______________