Agenda Format

Meetings of the School Committee follow a prepared agenda. The agenda normally consists of:

  1. Reports made by members of the School Committee, the Superintendent and/or his/her staff. These reports are on matters relevant to the operation of the schools that do not require formal School Committee action;

  2. Agenda items are matters which require formal action of the School Committee. They are presented to the School Committee either in the form of a motion by a member or in the form of a recommendation by the Superintendent; and

  3. Routine business is presented in lists or schedules and presented for action as separate agenda items. Such items as the ordering of materials and the hiring of staff members are included on such schedules and may be acted on as single agenda items. A School Committee member may remove any item to consider it separately.

Only items on the written School Committee agenda will be discussed at any meeting of the School Committee unless the School Committee by majority action agrees to place additional items on the agenda at the request of the Superintendent or a School Committee member.

Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1992; March 28, 2002, September 25, 2014