Regional/National Academic Competitions

The Yarmouth School Committee endorses the participation by students of the school system in regional and national academic competitions subject to the following provisions:

A. School administrators will submit to the School Committee for approval the names of the academic competitions in which Yarmouth teams will participate during the school year.  Included will be the approximate per pupil cost of participation for local, state, regional and national competitions as well as the advisor’s expense at each level;

B. The cost of participating in state competitions approved in Step A will be borne entirely by the School Committee;

C. If a team or students compete at a local or state level and qualify to compete at a regional or national level, the team or students who qualify for regional or national competition will be officially sponsored by the Yarmouth School Committee in that regional or national competition and supervised at the competition by the appropriate Yarmouth teachers/advisors and/or appropriate designee(s); and

D. Yarmouth teams or students who qualify to compete in regional or national competitions will be funded in an amount to be determined by the Yarmouth School Committee. Any additional costs of competition at the regional or national level will be the responsibility of each student participant and his/her family, or a support organization, such as a boosters’ club. Total costs for teachers/advisors will be covered by the School Department.

Adopted: September 9, 1985
Revised: November 25, 1985; June 8, 1992; November 8, 2018