Interscholastic Athletics


At the middle and high school levels, interscholastic athletic competition shall include a variety of sports. Students shall be allowed to participate in individual sports on the basis of their ability and desire. In addition, at the elementary and middle school levels, intramural athletic activities shall be offered whenever possible as an outgrowth of class instruction in physical education and in cooperation with our Community Services Program, appropriate to the grade level of the students involved.

Supervision and Scheduling:

The principal shall be in charge of athletics within his/her school in consultation with the Athletic Director. The coach, or the principal’s designee, shall be responsible for the students’ well-being while participating in athletic activity.

All athletic schedules shall be submitted to the administration for approval.

All coaches of recognized athletic teams shall be supervised by the Athletic Director.


The school will adhere strictly to the following eligibility rules:

1.     The Maine Secondary School Principals Association (MSSPA) eligibility rules;

2.     All athletes must have a physical examination before they try out for an interscholastic sport (see Physical Examination Policy JLCA). One physical examination per year fulfills this requirement;

3.     The student must be passing a minimum of four full credit subjects; and

4.     A coach shall not allow a student to participate if there is any question as to whether he/she is physically able on any given day.

Cross Reference:
JJ - Co-curricular and Extracurricular Programs
JJ-R - Extracurricular Code
Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1992; November 8, 2018