Home Schooling

Requests to fulfill the compulsory school attendance law through equivalent instruction by home schooling shall be made by the parent to the Department of Education with a copy submitted to the Superintendent. The Superintendent may review such applications and may submit comment to the Department of Education within 30 days of receipt.

The Board accepts no responsibility for the unit in the application, review, approval, or oversight of such home instruction programs. Participation by home-schooled students in the public school program shall only be permitted as described elsewhere in Board policy.

The Superintendent shall maintain a roster of all students eligible to attend school within the school unit who obtained approval for equivalent instruction under rules established by the Commissioner of Education.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA§5001-A.3
CH. 125.19, C. (Basic School Approval Regulations)
CH. 130 (Rules for Equivalent Instruction Through Home Instruction)
Cross Reference: JEA–Compulsory School Attendance
IHBGA - Home Schooling—Participation in School Programs
IHBGB–Special Education Services for Students in Private Schools or Home Schooling

Adopted: April 25, 2002