BEA School Committee Use of Electronic Mail

Use of electronic mail (email) by School Committee members should conform to the same standards of judgment, propriety and ethics as other forms of school committee-related communication. School Committee members shall use a district-provided email for all email correspondence concerning district business. School Committee members shall comply with the following guidelines when using email in the conduct of School Committee responsibilities:

  1. The School Committee shall not use email as a substitute for deliberations at Board meetings or for other communications or business properly confined to School Committee meetings.

  2. School Committee members should be aware that email and email attachments received or prepared for use in school committee business or containing information relating to school committee business are likely to be regarded as public records which may be inspected by any person upon request, unless otherwise made confidential by law.

  3. School Committee members shall avoid reference to confidential information about employees, students or other matters in email communications because of the risk of improper disclosure. School Committee members should comply with the same standards as school employees with regard to confidential information.

Legal Reference: 1 MRSA § 401 et seq.
20-A MRSA § 6001-6002
20 USC § 1232g
Cross Reference: GBJ - Personnel Records and Files
JRA - Student Educational Records
Adopted: March 8, 2012