Student Social Events

Social events (e.g., dances, concerts, etc.) at the secondary level must be approved by the administration. They must also be sponsored by a specific school organization with a faculty advisor. These activities are subject to the following regulations.

1.     Events must have chaperones and police coverage as deemed appropriate by the administration.

2.     No student shall be admitted into the building for the activity after a time designated by the administration.

3.     Once admitted to the building, no student shall be permitted to leave and then reenter.

4.     Should a student be asked to leave because of an infraction of the school code, an attempt should be made to notify his/her parents and he/she shall leave without argument. Failure to observe this behavior will result in disciplinary action.

5.     The school does not operate public social events.  For each dance the school administration may determine if students not registered in our schools may attend as guests of Yarmouth students, each with prior approval of the administration. The host student is responsible for the behavior of his/her guest. Guests must adhere to Yarmouth student conduct requirements.

Adopted: Prior to 1982

Revised: June 8, 1992; November 8, 2018