Visitors in the Schools


The School Committee encourages the active interest and involvement of parents and citizens in the public schools. In order to avoid interruption of the instructional program and to promote the safety of students and staff, building principals shall institute administrative procedures concerning visitors to the schools. Such procedures shall be subject to the approval of the Superintendent. It is understood that procedures may vary from school to school due to differing considerations such as the age of the students and building layout and location.

The following general guidelines shall be incorporated in all building-level administrative procedures concerning visitors.

  1. The term “visitor” shall apply to any person on school grounds or in school buildings who is not an employee or student of the school unit.

  2. All visitors shall report to the main office upon arrival at the school. This section shall not apply to parents or citizens who have been invited to the school for an open house, performance or other similar, public school program.

  3. All visitors who wish to visit classrooms, observe aspects of the instructional program or meet with staff members are expected to schedule such visits in advance. Teachers and other staff may not use instructional time to discuss individual matters with visitors.

  4. Individual School Committee members shall follow the same procedures as other visitors, and state whether they are visiting the schools on personal business or in connection with School Committee duties.

  5. Visitors shall comply with all applicable School Committee policies and school rules. Visitors may not make audio or video recordings of classroom or general student activity without the express written consent of the school’s principal. Private audio or video recording of school performances such as plays, musical performance, sports events, etc. is allowed unless expressly prohibited by the teacher or administrator in charge at the time of the performance in question. Visitors who violate these policies/rules and/or disrupt the safe and orderly operation of the school shall be asked to leave the premises.

  6. The building administrator/designee has the authority to refuse entry to school grounds or buildings to persons who do not have legitimate, school-related business and/or who may disrupt the operations of the schools. This may include, but not be limited to, the news media, profit-making businesses, fundraisers and other organizations seeking access to students and/or staff.

  7. School staff shall report unauthorized persons on school grounds or in school buildings to the building administrator/designee. Unauthorized persons shall be directed to leave the premises immediately.

  8. The building administrator/designee may request the assistance of law enforcement as necessary to deal with unauthorized persons or violations of the law by visitors to the schools.

Cross Reference:
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Adopted: January 13, 2011