Professional Staff Duties and Responsibilities

For the purpose of this policy, professional staff is defined as any employee for whom the Maine Department of Education defines and requires certification/credentialing.

A. Laws, Policies and Administrative Procedures

The professional staff of the schools are required to make themselves familiar with the laws of the State relating to schools and with the policies and administrative procedures of the School Committee and to observe these laws.

B. Certification

All professional staff must secure proper certification from the Maine Department of Education and file it with the Superintendent of Schools before October 1 of each year.

C. Continuing Education

The professional staff shall keep him/herself informed relative to modern educational thought and practices. Some acceptable methods of accomplishing this are the following:

1. Advanced study
2. Professional staff meetings
3. Professional reading
4. Work with regular curriculum committees
5. Membership in professional organizations
6. Visits to other schools and classrooms

D. Meetings

Professional staff shall attend all meetings that the administration may call.

E. Character

Professional staff shall conduct themselves in a manner which will encourage respect from their peers as well as the student body. Through their personal integrity, they will attempt to instill positive attitudes in their students.

F. Discipline

Corporal punishment is no longer justifiable. Guidelines for the use of physical restraint are provide in policy JKAA – Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion and should only be used if a student is in danger of harming himself/herself or others

G. Damage

It shall be the duty of all teachers to protect all school property from damage and to see that the school books are carefully used. When books or equipment are damaged, a report shall be made to the principal. Damaged books or equipment are to be paid for by the parents of the student who caused the damage.

Reference:  JKAA – Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1992, April 12, 2018