Impending Disaster Administrative Procedure

A.   Notification

a.     Cumberland County Civil Emergency Preparedness disseminates impending disaster warnings to all towns in the county.

b.     The Yarmouth Civil Emergency Director notifies the Superintendent.

c.     The Superintendent notifies the school staff.

B.    During School Hours

a.     The Superintendent will notify the building principals that he/she has received a warning of impending disaster.

b.     The Principals will place students within the buildings to afford the best shelter available. Teachers will be responsible for remaining with their students and monitoring control.

c.     Students will be returned to their homes as soon as it is deemed safe for travel by the Director of Civil Emergency, generally at normal dismissal time.

C.    When School is Not in Session

a.     The Superintendent will use the “no school” procedure to alert parents and students that the schools will be closed.

b.     The Director of Business Services and other administrators will prepare to assist in conjunction with the Cumberland County Civil Emergency Preparedness plan.

c.     The custodial staff will secure all buildings and remain on call at their respective buildings.

d.     The transportation staff will assemble at the transportation garage and prepare their buses for possible use for evacuation, if required.

e.     The food service director will assemble his/her staff to provide assistance if needed.

Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1992; March 12, 2018