Physical Examinations

Recognizing that the major responsibility for attending to the health needs of the student rests with the family and their physician, the School Committee endorses the following policy:

A. All students who wish to participate in the interscholastic athletic program must have medical clearance from a physician every two years. This can be accomplished by furnishing proof of one of the following:

1. Annual physical from personal physician; or

2. Biennial physical from personal physician.

B. A sports Candidates Questionnaire is required for all athletes participating in sports. Forms will be distributed to prospective team members via the coach. Forms may be completed by either parent or physician, but must be returned before a student is eligible for practice.

Legal Reference: 22 MRSA§4001 et seq.

Adopted: Prior to 1982

Revised: 10/10/89; 6/3/97; 12/10/98; 11/9/17