Chemical Hazards  

The Yarmouth School Department is committed to providing a safe environment for students and employees. It is the policy of the Yarmouth School Department to follow safe practices in regard to the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals in its schools. The school unit will comply with all applicable Maine and federal laws and regulations concerning hazardous chemicals.

The Superintendent will be responsible for developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan that includes procedures relevant to the identification, purchase, storage, inventory, handling, and disposal of hazardous chemicals, maintenance of material safety data sheets (MSDS), and for ensuring that employees are provided required training and information concerning hazardous chemicals used in the schools. The Superintendent may delegate responsibilities associated with Plan development to school system staff, as appropriate or, with the approval of the Board, to a professional consultant.

The Superintendent/designee will appoint a Chemical Hygiene Plan Administrator for the school unit. The Chemical Hygiene Plan Administrator will have the primary responsibility for implementing the school unit’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. The person appointed Chemical Hygiene Plan Administrator should be familiar with State and federal regulations pertaining to laboratory and chemical safety and the chemicals used in the schools.

Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers will be designated as follows:

1. Chemical Hygiene Officer for K-12 Science
2. Chemical Hygiene Officer for K-12 Arts and Classroom Supplies
3. Chemical Hygiene Officer for Maintenance of Plant
4. Chemical Hygiene Officer for Transportation

The Chemical Hygiene Officers shall achieve such certification and/or attain such training as may be mandated by the Maine Department of Education or other State and Federal agencies.

Legal Reference:
29 C.F.R. § 1910.1200
26 M.R.S.A. § 565
Ch. 2 § 179 (Dept. of Prof. Regulation Rule)
Ch. 161 (Dept. of Education Rule)
Commissioner’s Administrative Letter No. 33, June 9, 2005
(Chemicals in Schools)
Cross Reference: EBCA – Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
Adopted: January 26, 2006