Relations with Booster Organizations

Some of the strongest school support comes from parents or organizations having a strong interest in a specific student or school activity. Support from booster organizations is valued as a means of involving the public in the activities and goals of the school system.

The following are guidelines for the school system’s relations with booster organizations:

  1. Principals shall maintain close communication with booster organizations to ensure harmony with the policies and goals of the school system. The administration shall appoint a faculty liaison to each booster organization;

  2. Prior to the beginning of school in the fall, or within the first few weeks of the school year, principals are to meet with booster club officers and the faculty liaison to these organizations to:

  • Explain how the school’s calendar of activities operates, who must be contacted to place events on the calendar, and when and how events are placed on the calendar;

  • Explain school regulations on use of the facilities;

  • Explain the school system’s policy and procedures related to fundraising when the school day, school personnel or students are involved; and

  • Indicate the types of student trips that require administration and/or School Committee approval.

Booster organizations will maintain a close liaison with the school administration and adhere to established School Committee policies, regulations and State laws.

Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised: June 8, 1992; ________