Programs for English Language Learners

The Yarmouth School Department shall provide appropriate programs for English Language Learners (students who have limited English proficiency) to assist them in attaining English proficiency and meeting state and local academic achievement standards in compliance with applicable federal and state requirements. The School Department shall also provide for opportunities for parent involvement in their children’s education as required by federal law.

The Superintendent is responsible for developing and implementing the school unit’s Lau plan (named after Lau vs. Nichols Supreme Court Decision of 1979 which requires public school systems to identify and develop a program for English language learners) and any necessary administrative procedures. The Superintendent may delegate specific responsibilities to building administrators or others as he/she deems appropriate. 

Legal References:
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20 U.S.C. §§ 6312; 6801 et seq.
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Adopted: October 9, 2008