Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Programs

All co-curricular and extracurricular activities are elective, and are designed to further the core values of the School Department.

The scope of these activities should be designed to reach as many students as possible, limited only by available student interest, and community and financial resources.

It is recognized that these activities often involve competition at various levels.  It is the responsibility of all building principals to see that competition is controlled.  Any significant planned expansion of existing programs or the creation of new programs should be brought to the School Committee for approval. When competition is involved in the selection process for admission into school-sponsored programs, every effort should be made to include as many students as is consistent with reasonable program effectiveness.

The co-curricular and extracurricular program shall be reviewed annually by the administration.


Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA§4007

Cross Reference: JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics

Adopted: Prior to 1982

Revised: June 8, 1992; November 8, 2018