Staff Development Opportunities

The School Committee recognizes the importance of developing, maintaining and extending the skills of staff members. The School Committee encourages employees to engage in programs and activities that will lead to their professional growth and increased competence. Such programs and activities may include approved graduate level or postsecondary level courses (including approved distance learning courses), conferences, sabbaticals and seminars as well as in-service programs.

The Superintendent is authorized to initiate and/or approve programs and activities which are designed to serve the following purposes:

1.  To provide a structure through which staff members can stay abreast of new developments in their area(s) of specialty;

2.  To familiarize staff members with new research and innovative teaching methods;

3.  To assist staff members in the process of change and school improvement; and

4.  To facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of new programs.

The School Committee authorizes the Superintendent to devise guidelines or criteria for courses that may be eligible for reimbursement and for the approval or disapproval of employees’ requests for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be subject to budgetary limitations and the terms of applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Within budgetary limitations, visitations and attendance at conferences and seminars may be approved by the Superintendent in accordance with School Committee policy and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Staff are encouraged to consider on-line coursework as one source for professional development, so long as the following expectations are met:

A. The course is offered by a fully accredited college or university.

B. The content of the on-line course matches individual, school and district goals.

Legal Reference: Chap. 125.23(B)(5)(m), Maine Dept. of Education Rule

Adopted: June 8, 1992
Revised: May 10, 2001; April 12, 2018