To be Included in Faculty Handbook

When a proposed use of photocopied material requires a faculty member to request permission, communication of complete and accurate information to the copyright owner will facilitate the request. The Association of American Publishers suggests that the following information be included to expedite the process:

  1. Title, author, and/or editor, and edition of materials to be duplicated.

  2. Exact material to be used, giving amount, page numbers, chapters and, if possible a photocopy of the material.

  3. Number of copies to be made.

  4. Use to be made of duplicated materials (including time period or duration if copying on an on-going basis is desired).

  5. Form of distribution (classroom, newsletter, etc.)

  6. Whether or not the material is to be sold.

  7. Type of reprint (ditto, photocopy, offset, typeset).

When the copyright owner is the publisher of the work, the request should be sent, together with a self-addressed return envelope, to the permissions department of the publisher in question. If the address of the publisher does not appear at the front of the material, it may be obtained from The Literary Marketplace (for books) or Ulrich’s International Periodicals (for journals), both published by the R.R. Bowker Company. When the copyright owner is the author, the request should be directed to the author either in care of the publisher’s permissions department, as set forth above, or at the author’s address. For purposes of proof, and to define the scope of the permission, it is important that the permission be in writing. Many publishers have registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, 21 Congress St., Salem, MA 01970. This organization can facilitate obtaining permission to copy. Check with your campus library about the use of this service.

The process of requesting permission directly from the publisher requires time, as the publisher must check the status and ownership of rights and related matters, and evaluate the request. It is advisable, therefore, to allow sufficient lead time. In some instances the publisher may assess a fee for permission, which may be passed on to students who receive copies of the photocopied material.



Material Permissions Department

Academic Book Company

200 Park Ave.

New York NY 10016

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like permission to copy the following for use in my class (name of class)(next

semester) or (next semester and subsequent semesters during which the course is offered.)


Copyright: Academic Book Co., 1965, 1971.

Author: John Smith

Material to be duplicated: Chapter 9 (photocopy enclosed)

Number of copies: 50

Distribution: The material will be distributed to students in my class free of charge.

Type of reprint: Photocopy

Use: The chapter will be used as supplementary teaching materials.

I have enclosed a self-addressed envelope for your convenience in replying to this request.



Permission Granted_________________


Conditions if any,