Distribution of Non-School Materials

The School Committee wishes to minimize intrusions on the teaching and learning time of students and staff. While there are many worthy activities in the town of Yarmouth that are sponsored by various non-profit organizations, the School Committee believes that schools should limit the amount of carry home flyers, brochures, or other materials sent home that are not directly related to school programs, school curriculum, or school-related activities.

Only the following materials may be distributed to students to be carried home:

  1. Communications from the School Committee, Superintendent, school administrators, and school staff such as newsletters, letters to parents, announcements of meetings or events, school forms, and classroom information;

  2. Information and notices concerning school-sponsored activities and programs for students and/or parents;

  3. Information and notices concerning activities and programs offered by groups affiliated with Yarmouth schools, such as parent-teacher organizations and booster groups;

  4. Information and notices from municipal, state and federal agencies concerning programs available to students; and

  5. Information and notices from non-profit community groups concerning programs available to students. All such materials must be pre-approved by the Superintendent prior to distribution

To minimize disruption to classes, the building principal may limit the frequency with which non-school materials may be sent home with students.

Posting of Non-Profit/Community Materials

Building principals may designate a bulletin board or other specific location where notices regarding non-profit community activities or events that may be interest to students and/or parents may be posted. Any local non-profit group may submit such materials. All materials must include a statement that the activity or program is not affiliated with or endorsed by Yarmouth schools.

Materials that interfere with the instructional process or the operations of the schools, that are lewd or obscene, libelous, that are discriminatory or infringe upon the rights of others, promote illegal activities or are in violation of any School Committee policy or are deemed to be in opposition to Yarmouth’s core values will not be posted.

In order to make sufficient space available, building principals may establish rules for the size of notices/flyers and the length of time they may be posted.

Community materials may not be posted without the prior approval of the building principal.

Cross reference:
KH – Public Solicitation in the SchoolsKHB – Advertising in Schools
Adopted: May 12, 2011