Advisory Committees to the School Committee

Advisory committees will be appointed by the School Committee when there is a specific function to be performed. Such committees are appointed to advise the School Committee and not to take action for the School Committee.

The School Committee will seek the advice of the Superintendent before establishing or dissolving any advisory committee.

The composition of each advisory committee, the number of committee members, and the selection of members will be determined by the School Committee in consultation with the Superintendent, based upon the particular function of the committee.

Each advisory committee shall be instructed in writing as to:

  1. The specific topic(s) for study and/or the scope of activity;

  2. The composition of the committee;

  3. The role of the committee being advisory only;

  4. The resources the School Committee will provide to assist the committee in completing its task;

  5. The timeline for reports to the School Committee and/or other expected activities;

All advisory committee meetings are open to the public except as provided in the Freedom of Access law.

The School Committee shall have the sole authority to dissolve any advisory committee at any time.

Any advisory committee mandated by state statute or Department of Education regulation may be exempt from any or all of the requirements of this policy. Any such exemptions shall be identified and approved by the School Committee.

Legal Reference: 1 MRSA § 401 et seq.
Cross Reference: BEC – Executive Sessions
Adopted: March 28, 2002