Admission of Non-Resident Students

I.  To a major extent, the residents of the Town of Yarmouth bear financial responsibility for the public school system, which is charged with providing education for school-age children residing within the town. To ensure that school funds are spent for the benefit of residents, the School Committee will limit admission to children whose parents or legal guardians reside in Yarmouth, except as: 

 A. Admission of nonresident students is required under the law;

B. The School Department has entered into an agreement with an adjoining administrative unit, and tuition fees are paid by the other unit as permitted by law;

C. Tuition for students residing on state-owned property within or outside the Town of Yarmouth is paid by the state;

 D. The student qualifies as a “temporary resident” under the terms of the law;

 E. Special permission has been granted by the School Committee.  Special permission may be granted upon approval of the Superintendent. Such permission shall be granted, for example, in order to provide for the continuous progress of children whose families move to and from the Town of Yarmouth during the school year in question;

 F. The School Department has entered into an agreement with an adjoining administrative unit where the Superintendents of both units recognize a student placement to be in the best interest of the student;

 G. The student is the child of a member of the school system’s professional staff  (YEA,  YAA, Superintendent, Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Technology,   Director of Business Services, and Director of Instructional Support).  Such students may enroll on a voluntary basis in accordance with 20-A M.R.S.A. ss5203 (1) and 5204 (1).

1. The professional staff member must annually seek a Superintendents’ Agreement from his or her home district prior to registering a child. If the Agreement is denied by the sending Superintendent, the professional staff member must exhaust all appeals processes prior to enrolling the child in Yarmouth schools.

2. This tuition-waiver arrangement would end at such point that the parent is no longer employed by the Yarmouth School Department, or the parent removes the student from the Yarmouth Schools or the Superintendent of Schools determines that the student is no longer able to benefit from continued enrollment in the Yarmouth Schools.

H.  The student is a privately-placed tuition student accepted under policy JFABC.

I.   The student is accepted as a potential resident under the following conditions:

  1 . The purchase of land in the Town of Yarmouth does not entitle the owner to    automatically send his or her children to Yarmouth Schools. A copy of the building permit and an expected move-in-date must be sent to the Superintendent along with the request for the waiver of nonresident status. 

   2. Children of potential residents may be charged state approved tuition rates prorated to cover the period of time they attend Yarmouth Schools prior to becoming a resident.

II. For students enrolled under sections E-I:

 A.   Requests will only be considered on a space/program-available basis as determined by the Superintendent of Schools.

B.    Requests will only be considered provided that this enrollment does not reduce the opportunities available to other Yarmouth students, and the School Department is able to provide appropriate programming for the student.

C.    Parents shall provide for the student’s transportation plus the cost of any additional special educational services or any other special services required by the student as a condition of the student’s attendance.

 D.    All requirements for enrollment in Yarmouth School Department that apply to resident students (such as age, health examinations and immunization requirements) also apply to non-resident students.

E.     The student and parents/guardians shall execute Yarmouth’s enrollment agreement and comply fully with its terms.

 F.  Reapplication shall be made annually, as required by statute.

 G. The Superintendent shall discontinue enrollment of any student who violates

Yarmouth’s code of conduct, does not succeed academically, does not cooperate with school officials, or whose parents/guardians fail to comply with the enrollment agreement.

Legal Reference:

20-A MRSA Sec. 5201, 5202, 5203, 5204, 5205, 5206

8 USC d1101

Cross Reference:

JFAA-Admission of Resident Students

JFABC – Admission of Privately-Placed, Non-Resident Tuition Students

Adopted: May 10, 1993  Revised: 7/19/93, 7/31/95, 3/26/98, 7/8/04, 3/28/13, 2/15/17,  2/10/22