Gifts to School/Revenue Enhancement

Gifts to Schools

The Committee welcomes and appreciates gifts to the Yarmouth School Department.  The Committee may accept any bequest, gift of money, or property for purposes deemed suitable by the Committee, and in accordance with applicable law and consistent with the mission, vision, values of the Yarmouth Schools.

All gifts will be considered to be unrestricted unless otherwise provided by the donor and accepted as such by the Committee.  If a donor wishes to make a restricted purpose gift, the donor must clearly state the restriction in writing at the time the gift is given.  Before accepting a restricted gift, the Committee shall evaluate the appropriateness of the gift and ensure compliance with the donor’s intent.

Gifts of less than $5,000 can be accepted by the Superintendent or designee in accordance with this policy without prior approval of the School Committee.  Gifts of more than $5,000 must be vetted by the administration and approved by the School Committee.

All gifts of computer and/or other technology equipment and funds to be used for such purchases shall not be accepted without consultation of the K-12 Technology Coordinator.

All gifts involving permanent changes to school or district grounds and facilities, and funds to be used for such purchases, shall not be accepted without consultation with the Director of Maintenance and the approval of the Superintendent and School Committee. 

The Committee is under no obligation to replace a gift if it is destroyed, lost, stolen, damage, or becomes worn out.  Gifts will not be accepted if they involve an excessive cost for maintenance or installation.  If installation is required, the gift shall be installed under the supervision of school personnel. 

Should the Committee not accept a gift, the Committee will notify the donor in writing.

The Committee does not assume responsibility for placing a value on any gift donated pursuant to this policy for use as a deduction on the donor’s tax return.

The identity of the donor may be kept anonymous if that is the donor’s wish.

Revenue Enhancement

The district will consider opportunities for revenue enhancement such as sponsorships, grants, advertising, and fundraising. Any revenue enhancement opportunity pursued by the district must be consistent with the values and educational mission of the district.

The School Committee has the exclusive discretion to determine whether to accept or decline any revenue enhancement opportunity. The factors to be considered by the School Committee include, but are not limited to:

1.     The extent to which such revenue enhancement opportunity limits or restrains the district’s discretion or its ability to pursue other opportunities.

2.     The duration of the arrangement or agreement and the district’s ability/discretion to terminate the arrangement/agreement.

3.     The extent to which the revenue enhancement opportunity imposes any obligation on the district, either presently or in the future, financial, or otherwise and whether the opportunity is subject to conditions acceptable to the district.

4.     The extent to which the revenue enhancement opportunity constitutes a conflict of interest or creates the appearance of or potential for a conflict of interest. The extent to which the revenue enhancement opportunity interjects advertising or commercialism into the schools or classrooms, pursuant to Policy FF – Naming of School Facilities and Policy KHB – Advertising in the Schools.

The School Committee may designate an administrator or committee to investigate, evaluate and/or consider potential revenue enhancement opportunities and to report its findings and recommendations to the School Committee.

The Superintendent shall implement any administrative procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

Legal Reference:           
20-A § 1256 (MSAD)
20-A § 4005 (ALL)
20-A § 1705 (CSD)
Cross Reference:
Policy FF – Naming of School Facilities
Policy KHB – Advertising in the Schools
Adopted:  February 12, 2004
Revised:   October 13, 2016, January 9, 2018