Naming of School Facilities

The district recognizes that the naming rights of buildings and/or portions or components of buildings may present opportunities for revenue enhancement and fundraising. The district’s numerous buildings, auditoriums, gymnasiums, fields/playgrounds, classrooms, and similar rooms present potential opportunities for naming rights or plaques acknowledging the source of the funds for the construction or renovation of such facility. Accordingly, it is appropriate for the Superintendent to discuss naming opportunities with prospective benefactors. However, no commitments or promises should be made naming a facility, nor should any formal or informal agreements be made with regard to specific dollar amounts needed for a naming opportunity except as authorized or approved in advance by the School Committee.

 The naming of any building or room or facility in the district must be approved by the School Committee. Where naming rights are to be offered or implemented as a component of a fundraising drive for the construction of a new building or facility or the renovation of an existing building or facility, the School Committee may appoint a committee to develop recommendations and parameters for facilities naming rights and the recognition of donations. All such recommendations must be aligned with Policy KHB – Advertising in the Schools and Policy KCD – Gifts to Schools/Revenue Enhancements to Schools.

 Special requests to name buildings or other facilities in honor of people who have contributed in an extraordinary or significant way to the betterment of the district’s education program or alumni/community members who have distinguished themselves will be considered first by the Superintendent and then, with the Superintendent’s recommendation, by the School Committee.

 The School Committee reserves the right to decline to accept any donation conditioned on a naming right unacceptable to the district. Facilities will not be named for persons who are currently employed by the district or active in its operations or those who currently hold any public office.

 It shall be the responsibility of the administration to consult with potential donors and benefactors regarding potential gifts to the district or proposal to enhance revenue and to report these potential gifts and opportunities to the School Committee for approval or rejection. The names of existing structures or physical spaces within the district will not be changed. Historical preservation and respect for our traditions are a key component in honoring our past.

Cross Reference:
Policy KHB – Advertising in the Schools
Policy KCD – Revenue Enhancements to Schools
Policy FFA – Memorials and Testimonials

Approved:  January 9, 2018