Grading System

Teachers shall inform students and parents of student progress through progress reports, report cards, on-line access to student performance data or personal conferences. Schools shall notify parents no later than May 15 if their child may be retained or is in danger of not graduating.

The purpose of the Yarmouth School Department’s grading and reporting system is to provide students and parents with timely information concerning student progress toward, and achievement of, proficiency in the content areas of mathematics, science, social studies, English/language arts, arts, and health science, as well as world languages and technology education where appropriate.  In addition, at the high school, students and parents will be provided with information about progress toward meeting the school-wide expectations for student learning.

The Superintendent will be responsible for ensuring the development of a system for communicating information regarding student achievement and academic progress to students and parents.  This system shall be approved by the School Committee.

Grading will reflect an aggregation of information gleaned from multiple and varied opportunities for student demonstration of proficiency.

For K-grade 6, schools will report proficiency levels.

In grades 7 - 8, the middle school will report the level of proficiency and numerical grade for each course.

In grades 9-12, the high school will report the numerical grade for each course.

Adopted: Prior to 1982
Revised:  June 8, 1992; May 14, 2015, February 7, 2019