For the purposes of this policy, a student will be considered transgender if, at school, he/she/they consistently asserts a gender identity or expression different from the gender assigned at birth. 

The following procedure will be used to address needs raised by transgender students and/or their parent(s)/guardian(s):

1.     A transgender student and/or the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) should contact the building administrator or the student’s guidance counselor.  In the case of a student who has not yet enrolled in school, the appropriate building administrator should be contacted.

2.     A meeting should be scheduled to discuss the student’s particular circumstances and needs.  In addition to the student, parent(s)/guardian(s) and building administrator, other participants may include the guidance counselor or social worker, school nurse, teachers and/or other school staff, and possibly outside providers who can assist in developing a plan for that student.  

3.     A plan will be developed by the school.  This plan may be developed in consultation with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s) and others as appropriate, to address the student’s particular needs.  In the event that a student and their parent or legal guardian do not agree with regard to the student’s gender identity or gender expression, the school may develop the plan in consultation with the student.  If the student has an IEP and/or a 504 Plan, the provisions of the IEP or 504 plan should be taken into consideration in developing the plan for addressing transgender issues.

4.     The school may request documentation from service providers as necessary to assist staff in developing a plan appropriate for the student.

5.     If the parties cannot reach an agreement about the elements to be included in the plan, the building administrator and/or Superintendent shall be consulted as appropriate. 

Adopted:  April 28, 2022