Sphero Bolt robotics lab

In late September, Governor Mills announced the launch of a new Maine Department of Education (DOE) initiative that will provide every Maine public school with free mobile computer science labs. The effort, funded through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, will enable all Maine students to access high-quality learning experiences that provide real-world training in robotics, programming, augmented and virtual reality, coding, and hardware.

The Yarmouth School Department will receive :

  • Six Robotics & Programming Labs. These will be divided so that Rowe and Yarmouth Elementary will receive 6 Sphero Indi Education Robot Class Packs (48 robots), and the Middle School and High School will each receive 6 Sphero BOLT Power Packs (90 robots) + Sphero Code Mats. 
  • Four carts from the Coding & Hardware - Elementary Option. This option will provide Rowe and Yarmouth Elementary with 64 Lego SPIKE Essential Sets.
  • Four carts from the Coding & Hardware - Secondary Option. This option will provide the Middle School and High School with 4 Lego SPIKE prime Hybrid Classroom Packs.

We are excited to be adding these versatile tools to our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics programming!