School Counseling


Since education is a lifetime, dynamic process, the K-12 School Counseling Staff supports the Yarmouth School System in its commitment to “Empower All Students to Create Fulfilling Lives in a Changing World”. We strive to provide the necessary and fundamental means by which all students may work to attain their personal goals.

In this commitment to excellence, it is our purpose to enhance skills, to encourage ethical behavior, and to create a learning environment that fosters intellectual, moral, physical, emotional and social growth. In so doing, all young people are provided with the means by which they can develop into open-minded, mature individuals, and responsible members of society. Thus, they are best equipped to live well-balanced, productive, and satisfying lives.


School counselors are an integral part of each school faculty and work closely with students, teachers, parents and administrators to meet student needs. School counselors regularly provide individual and group guidance services, coordinate group testing, coordinate services with outside agencies, assist students and parents with placement, school and class enrollment, awareness of the curriculum, and assist with the college application process. School counselors regularly facilitate the development of positive student self-concept, the development of positive relationships with others, the awareness of personal safety needs including preventing substance abuse, verbal/physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, as well as related home and community issues. Additionally, school counselors facilitate conflict resolution and decision – making skills as appropriate.


Yarmouth's K-12 school counselors have developed a comprehensive career preparation plan for students K-12. Using the State of Maine's Learning Results as a guideline for their work, the counselors have developed a comprehensive career preparation plan for all Yarmouth students.

In keeping with Yarmouth's mission, "Empowering All Students to Create Fulfilling lives in a Changing World", the school counselors developed a career education plan which emphasizes the following:

  • exposure to career choices and career education

  • self knowledge of abilities and skills

  • development of basic skills required for job acquisition and advancement

  • specific training, career preparation, and technology skills needed in the workplace

  • leadership and teamwork skills

  • ability to adapt and a commitment to lifelong learning

Yarmouth students K-12 participate in an integrated education in the following areas: Preparing for the Future; Education and Career Planning; Integrated and Applied Learning; and Balancing Responsibilities. Each student has a personal career preparation portfolio which they will keep until 8th grade. After grade 8, the portfolio is theirs to keep. The portfolio serves two purposes: it will be a tool to help students increase self-awareness and to help them evaluate their successes. It will also be a tool that school counselors will use to assess student progress in the area of career preparation.

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