Volunteer Contact Information

Rebecca Spear , Volunteer Program Director - Partners in Education
286 West Elm Street
Yarmouth, ME 04096
Phone: 207-846-5535

Valuable treasures like you make us beam;
Outstanding is the help you lend to our team;
Loyal in your tireless efforts all year;
Upbeat and always full of good cheer:
Notable for your compassionate touch;
Thoughtful in ways that mean so much;
Ever prepared with a welcoming smile;
Eager to go the extra mile;
Reaching out to those in need;
Supportive in every word and deed.

Volunteer Information


Yarmouth welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles to enrich our student experience and support our staff. Volunteers are a vital part of our school community and we appreciate your continued support. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our Yarmouth Schools, we ask that you:

  • Review the School Volunteer Policy School Volunteer Policy.

  • Review Yarmouth's Volunteer Handbook.

  • Fill out a volunteer registration form below (note this needs to be completed every year).

  • Have a background & criminal history check completed (this will be good for 5 years).

You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator or your student’s teacher directly about opportunities and getting started. 

Volunteer Registration Form

If you would like to volunteer at ANY of the Yarmouth Schools please complete the registration form. Note a registration form must be completed each school year. Once completed, you will be contacted either by your child's teacher directly or our Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Spear as opportunities arise.

Mentor Program

The Yarmouth School Department matches students with adult mentors to develop a one-to-one relationship to support activities designed to improve the student’s social, emotional and academic performance.

Yarmouth Schools Mentor Program Information

Mentor Application