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On Thursday, September 8, the Yarmouth School Committee identified its priority areas for the coming year and crafted Superintendent Goals aligned to those priorities. These priorities and goals are consistent with Beyond 2020, the district's strategic plan, which was approved earlier this summer.

School Committee Priorities

Priority 1:      School Culture and Climate

  • Continue to support the work of district staff in ensuring authentic practices and policies are in place to provide high-quality academic, personal wellness, and extra-curricular programming with equity of access for all students.
  • Support the administration in ensuring schools are safe places for all students by continuing our work in areas including, but not limited to:
    • reducing substance use and distribution in the schools
    • addressing bullying and harassment in effective, intentional ways, and
    • supporting student social-emotional well-being.
  • Review changes in school safety protocols to ensure the latest research and expertise guides our emergency responses.
    • Begin implementation of the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan by reviewing, revising (if necessary) and adopting the Action Strategies matrix proposed by the District Leadership Team (DLT) and supporting the work necessary to address Year 1 strategies.
    • Consider Program Review items proposed by the DLT and from within the School Committee, and review newly adopted programs, to ensure continual improvement and consideration of equity remains in focus.
    • Assess and address social-emotional and academic learning impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Priority 2:      Programming

Priority 3:      Resources

  • Review the District’s financial commitment to specific academic and extra-curricular programs, the impact of those programs on student experiences, and the level of support required of the community, families, and students for such programs to thrive.
  • Negotiate a successor collective bargaining agreement with the Yarmouth Administrators’ Association.


Superintendent Goals

Goal 1:           Safe and Equitable School Culture and Climate


  • Work with the District Leadership Team to evaluate accessibility of existing programs and ensure equitable access for all students. Continue collaboration with the Equity Task Force to ensure a more global perspective and encourage implementation of practices and programs that promote our core values for all students.
  • Implement updated emergency response protocols and consider upgrades to facilities and staffing to promote school safety. 
  • Place continued focus on Yarmouth Schools’ Mission and Core Values as decision-making guardrails to ensure commitment to the Strategic Plan at all levels of the organization.


Goal 2:           Continuously improving Student Programming


  • Operationalize the Strategic Plan by leading development of a five-year matrix of Action Strategies for consideration by the School Committee.
  • Address items identified for completion or progress in the operationalized matrix of Action Strategies.
  • Address workshop requests and, with input from DLT, develop Program Review items and presentations for School Committee consideration.        


Goal 3:           Efficient and effective use of district resources


  • Provide the School Committee with a thorough review of athletic and co-curricular programming, including identification of funding sources and allocations, student participation levels, and anticipated needs. Explore potential expansion of partnerships with surrounding districts to maximize efficiency of programming and staffing.