Yarmouth School Bus

Parents may now locate their child’s bus schedule at either the Traversa Ride 360 website (link and instructions below) or through the Traversa Ride 360 smartphone app (available at your app store).

Please note: You will need to know each child's PowerSchool student number and birthdate. To find your child's PowerSchool Student Number, log in to the parent portal, click on “Forms” in the left sidebar, and then click on the first form (01- 2022-2023 Returning Student Address). The PowerSchool Student Number will be found at the top of the form. While you're in the portal you may want to update the five forms for each child for the upcoming school year.

To find your child’s bus schedule

  • Go to the Traversa Ride 360 website: https://meyarmouthsd.traversaride360.com/
  • Create your Ride 360 account:
    • Click the “Register” button
    • Enter the email address used to create your PowerSchool account
    • Create your Ride 360 password
    • Verify your account
  • Login to your Ride 360 account:
  • Associate your child(ren) to your account
    • Click on the “Find Student” button
    • Enter your child’s PowerSchool Student Number (Student ID) and Birthdate
    • Click “Find”
    • Repeat this process for each child in your family
  • Find your child’s pickup and drop-off schedule:

Enter the email address and password used to create your Ride 360 account.

  • Click the “My Students” icon
  • Your child’s schedule is presented showing Bus Number, pickup times, and drop-off times. 

Please note two important characteristics of the Ride 360 program:

  • Bus routes will now be designated by ­Bus Number.  Colors such as “Red Line” or “Yellow Line” will no longer be used. Numbers will be clearly displayed on the sides of each bus. To reduce confusion, we have large magnetic numbers on hand in the event a bus is taken out of service, requiring a replacement for the day.
  • For security purposes, your Ride 360 access is restricted to the student(s) associated with your PowerSchool account. Only individuals with an active PowerSchool account can access the Ride 360 system.

If you have any questions about this process – or any other transportation-related concerns – please reach out to our new Transportation Supervisor, Mr. Chris Storer by calling 207.846.2338 or emailing chris_storer@yarmouthschools.org.