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On May 5, 2022 the Yarmouth Town Council amended and approved the School Committee's proposed budget for the 2023 fiscal year (FY23) . The Council reduced the School Department request by $340,000, which can be met by reducing anticipated employee health insurance costs for the coming year. The Council also approved the School Department's request to add $150,000 to the proposed budget in order to meet the English Language Learner needs of more than three dozen new Mainers who have arrived in Yarmouth in the past five weeks.

The proposed budget of $34,604,283 represents an increase of $3,348,142 (10.1%) over the current year and includes new programming such as Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary School STEAM and World Language, and expanded English Language Learner services.

With an increase in state funding of 778,507, the impact to the local taxpayer will be 7.7% on the tax rate.

A slide deck providing an overview of the budget is provided here.

A line item accounting of the proposed budget is found here.

It is now up to the voters of Yarmouth to determine if the budget will be approved. This is a two-step process. First, citizens can attend the Town Budget Meeting (June 7), where they will vote on a budget to be sent to referendum. Attendance at this meeting is critical for a budget to be approved that represents the wishes of the residents of the town.

Once a budget is set by the voters at the Town Budget Meeting, the budget is then sent to a referendum (June 14), where each voter will have the opportunity to cast a ballot regarding the proposed budget. Again, participation is critical in order for the schools to be funded as the taxpayers wish.


Tuesday, June 7                Town Meeting – 7:00 p.m. at YHS Auditorium

Tuesday, June 14              Budget Referendum – 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at YHS Gym