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As we head into a long weekend, it is important to note that the Maine CDC has issued updated travel guidelines for individuals coming into Maine - or returning to Maine - from other countries.

There are no restrictions for travelers returning to Maine from other states, but there are guidelines for international travel, including:

For fully vaccinated travelers to Maine:

  • Vaccinated international travelers do not need to quarantine on their arrival to Maine unless they are symptomatic.

  • Vaccinated international travelers who are asymptomatic do not need to be tested.

For travelers to Maine who are not fully vaccinated:

  • Unvaccinated international travelers should quarantine for 7 days since their arrival into the U.S.

  • Unvaccinated, asymptomatic international travelers should be tested if their arrival in Maine is within 3-5 days of their arrival into the U.S. (Find a Maine testing site here.)

You may read more on the State of Maine's COVID-19 FAQ web page.