Yarmouth's Pandemic Instruction Task Force is now fully formed and will begin work this week to advise the administration and School Committee as to the best strategies and timeline for returning to full-time in-person instruction in the Yarmouth School Department.

The Task Force will review current research and guidance from the U.S. CDC, Maine CDC, U.S. Department of Education, Maine Department of Education, and other organizations and institutions deemed appropriate, and will review data and trends related to COVID-19 transmissions, positivity rates, and vaccinations.

A preliminary report will be presented no later than at the School Committee's Special Meeting on April 1 at 5:30 p.m., while Task Force updates will be provided at each of the School Committee’s regular meetings in March (March 11 and 25 at 7:00 p.m.).

The Task Force will be comprised of:               

5 members of the instructional staff

  • Rick Biskup, Yarmouth High School
  • Erica Troy, Yarmouth Elementary School
  • Darcy Berry, Rowe School
  • Molly Kilpatrick, Harrison Middle School
  • Meghan Casey, Yarmouth High School

1 parent from each school in the district

  • Mark Woodbury - parent of a Rowe student.
  • Andrea Patstone - parent of a YES student
  • Dr. Erin Lichtenstein -  parent of students at HMS and YES
  • Christopher Kamm -  parent of three students at YHS

I student from Yarmouth High School

  • Katherine Siegel, Class of 2021

2 members of the School Committee

  • Anne Fleming, Chairperson
  • Laura Coroi

Members of the medical advisory team

  • Dr. Ed Silco, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Sharon McDonnell, Epidemiologist
  • Dr. Gib Parrish, Epidemiologist
  • Dr. Patrick Keaney, Pulmonology/Critical Care Specialist

4 building level administrators

  • Eric Klein, Yarmouth High School Principal
  • Joan Adler, Harrison Middle School Principal
  • Ryan Gleason, Yarmouth Elementary School Principal
  • Susan Lobel, Rowe School Principal

2 members of central office administration

  • Andrew Dolloff, Superintendent of Schools
  • Jodi McGuire, Director of Instructional Support

We are excited to collaborate with these representatives from throughout the community as we respond to rapidly developing news about the pandemic. With the completion of construction projects at three of our schools, additional federal assistance, accelerated vaccination schedules, and a unified approach to meeting the academic, physical, and social-emotional needs of our students and staff, we are optimistic about the opportunities that are within our reach.