HMS Spring Sports

RSchool Today: All sports schedules and registration links are located on our RSchool Today Turbo Team Site. Click on the links above to see the season schedule for that sport or click here to search for other Yarmouth sports.

To sign up for alerts, click the 'NOTIFY ME' button on the turbo team site - be sure to sign up for practice and game alerts for your sport(s).

  • 8th Grade Baseball- 8th Grade Baseball Schedule

  • 7th Grade Baseball- 7th Grade Baseball Schedule

  • 7th/8th Grade Softball- Middle School Softball

  • 8th Grade Boys Lacrosse- 8th Grade Boys Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7th Grade Boys Lacrosse- 7th Grade Boys Lacrosse Schedule

  • 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse- 8th Grade Girls Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7th Grade Girls Lacrosse- 7th Grade Girls Lacrosse Schedule

  • 7/8 Coed Outdoor Track- Middle School Co-ed Outdoor Track Schedule