What is the math program?

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade use a program called Everyday Math. Your child will be taught a math lesson or a math activity almost every day, hence the name of the program. Each lesson begins with math reflexes and a warm up. This takes about five minutes and reviews skills that sometimes require previous skills. Next comes the Math Message: this message is a springboard for the daily lesson. After the lesson, children complete activities in a practice book. At times, the children will be asked to complete problems independently, or they may work with a partner, or as a group. Generally, there is a math homework page called "Home Link" that your child brings home each day when a formal lesson has been taught. Our expectation is for each child to complete the paper and return it to school the following day. If your child spends ten positive math minutes on their Home Link and has not completed it, they can bring in what they have completed. The answers to these pages are in the Family Newsletter that is sent home before the start of each unit.

Will my child learn basic math facts?
Your child will be exposed to many fact acquisition activities. Several apps on the iPad and activities in the classroom help children learn their basic facts. The children will use fact triangles and ten frames, too. Attaining fluency and accuracy with basic math facts helps children become more confident and effective mathematicians. Research shows that children who know their math facts with automaticity are more successful math students.

What can we do at home to support and challenge our child in math?

Discovery Math
Your child will bring home a green Discovery Math sheet each week. This challenge is optional and needs to be returned to school by Friday. This activity provides children with additional computation and problem-solving practice.

Math conversations