On Thursday, April 27th, the School Committee will be having a first reading of the following policies:  BR-R and BABB-R.  Draft policies are listed below.

BG-R – School Committee Policy Development, Amendment, and Adoption Procedure


The following procedure shall be used to adopt, review, revise or delete School Committee policies:


The Policy Committee is charged with reviewing and recommending all policies/policy changes to be considered by the School Committee.

  1. Individual School Committee members, other standing committees, the Superintendent, or other interested party should submit policy suggestions and concerns to the Policy Committee.
  2. The Policy Committee, together with the Superintendent, shall have the responsibility to review and research each suggestion in accordance with School Committee policies, prepare draft policies as appropriate, and make recommendations to the entire School Committee.
  3. Any School Committee member may request that consideration of the adoption, revision, or deletion of a policy be placed on the agenda of any regular meeting if the Policy Committee, after having had full opportunity to consider the member's submitted suggestion, fails to recommend action satisfactory to the member.
  4. At an appropriate stage in the process, the Policy Committee shall contact the representative teacher organization to meet and consult regarding any proposed new or changed educational policy.
  5. To the fullest extent practical, the Policy Committee shall also discuss the proposal with other groups affected by the policy.


Upon recommendation by the Policy Committee, the first reading of a new policy, revision or deletion of policy shall be placed on the agenda of a regular School Committee meeting. School Committee members shall receive the policy and recommendations in advance of the meeting date. Discussion may take place on the substance of the policy proposal, and a formal vote shall be held to acknowledge the first reading of the policy. Any changes to the policy agreed to by consensus or formally adopted amendment shall be made prior to the second reading.

At a subsequent regular meeting, more than at least two weeks and less than eight weeks after the first reading, the policy shall be placed on the agenda for second reading and action. Amendments may be introduced and acted upon. If a main motion to approve the policy is not passed at such a meeting by a majority vote of the whole School Committee, the process for that policy is ended.


However, if appropriate, further consideration of the policy may be tabled to a specific date.

Immediately upon approval, policies/revisions/deletions shall be disseminated. Policies deleted and changed shall be recalled. The Superintendent/designee shall ensure that all policy manuals are kept up-to-date.


Legal Reference: 26 MRSA § 965.1,C
Cross Reference: BG - School Committee Policy Process
CHD - Administration in the Absence of Policy


BABB-R         Student Liaison Guidelines 


Selection Process:

Each March spring one student representative (liaison) to the School Committee will be selected to replace the outgoing member. The process for this selection will be as follows:

1.     The principal will notify students of the process for student liaison selection through an assembly or other appropriate means. 

2.     Interested students will submit a nomination sheet with 50 15 student signatures to the principal by a date specified by the principal.

3.     An application packet, approved by the superintendent, shall be completed by the applicants.

4.     An applicant must be a junior in good standing at Yarmouth High School, but is not required to be a member of the Student Senate.

5.     All applications shall be reviewed by a selection committee composed of two School Committee members, the high school principal, superintendent, two faculty members, and two members of the executive council of the student senate. 

6.     The selection committee may, in its discretion, choose to interview finalists before their decision is made. 

7.     The selection committee may, in its discretion, choose to leave the position vacant.


1.     The newly selected School Committee student representative is strongly encouraged to attend School Committee meetings and educate him/herself on the purpose and duties of the School Committee in the months after he or she is selected and before the start of his or her term as a student liaison.

2.     During the summer the student liaison may be asked to attend an orientation session.

3.     Beginning at the start of the school year, a student liaison shall make an earnest effort to attend all business meetings and workshops.  The appointment as a student liaison is a commitment and a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

4.     Student liaisons are responsible for preparing any needed materials for the meetings.  This could include speeches, essays, research, or statements.

5.     Student liaisons will ensure ongoing communication with the student senate to inform them of items on School Committee agendas relevant to students at Yarmouth High School and, when applicable, will attend student senate meetings for discussion and input.  In addition, the student liaison shall report to the School Committee when appropriate.

6.     The extra-curricular honor code applies to this student activity.


The same standards for attendance apply for student liaisons as for School Committee members.  Should a vacancy be declared in accordance with policy BBBDA, the school committee chairperson will decide if a replacement will be made based upon the length of the term that remains.


Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA ¶ 1001 (1A)   Cross Reference:  BBAB, BBBDA, JJ-R

Adopted: January 28, 2010

Revised:  October 8, 2015


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