Emily Landry, Rowe Art Teacher, is in need of volunteers to come in and help with Paper Mache. One to three volunteers are needed on Wednesday mornings from October 3 through January 23.

If you have never done Paper Mache before, not to worry, Emily is a wonderful teacher! Even if your child is not in one of the art classes please feel free to sign up to help!

Please click on the link below to sign up or send me an email. Sign up for as many as you would like to do! If you are unable to sign up using the link please let me know and I would be happy to add your name to the day or days that you want to help out. If you have not filled out a volunteer registration form for this school year you will need to do so prior to helping out in the class. Please see below.

Ms. Lee

Ms Cross

Ms Berry

For more information on the volunteering please call or email:

Nini Emmons: 846-2499 nini_emmons@yarmouthschools.org

Looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year of learning!

Nini Emmons

Volunteer Registration Forms: