School Health Services

Yarmouth School Department Nurses
Contact by Email:
Margi Moran, RN, Yarmouth High School
Kristina Truesdale, RN, Harrison Middle School
Liza Lynch, RN, William H. Rowe School and Yarmouth Elementary School

Contact by Phone:
William H. Rowe School            207-846-3771
Yarmouth Elementary School    207-846-3391
Harrison Middle School              207-846-2499
Yarmouth High School               207-846-5535
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Yarmouth Elementary School
Harrison Middle School 
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This page is designed to share current health information, particularly as it relates to school-age children.  Our practice focuses on how parents, the community and school health services work together to ensure that all children maintain an optimal state of heath so they can fully benefit from the classroom experience.  Ensuring each child's health, provides a safe and healthy environment for all children.  

School Health Services & Your Child
The Yarmouth School Department provides the following health services to promote student wellness and reduce health barriers that may influence a student's educational program:
  • Implementation of health plans for students with specific health needs.  If your child has a specific health concern, you are encouraged to contact the school nurse.  A plan will be developed for your child to receive the appropriate care with the least possible disruption to the educational program.
  • Collaboration with parents, school staff and community health agencies.
  • Health assessments, including health and developmental history, physical exams, vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings.    
  • Monitoring and evaluation of communicable diseases and nuisance conditions.
  • Implementation of state health and immunization laws.
The Yarmouth school nurses are always available to answer questions and address parents' concerns.  

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