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Student Activity Accounts

School Committee policy JJP:  Student Activities Funds Management directs the principals to maintain student activities funds.  In each of our four schools there is one general activity fund and accounting is maintained in sufficient detail in order to establish the individual account balances within the fund.  The principal is responsible for the activity fund but may assign a designee to account for the revenues and expenditures of the funds, make bank deposits, and reconcile the bank account.  Control of the account is maintained through the check signing and approval and review procedures established by the principal.

Before a new student activity is initiated for the purpose of raising funds, the principal must approve the intent and method of the fund-raising.  At the elementary level it is important to keep funds earmarked for a special event or activity available for related expenditures.  At the middle and high school levels a ledger will be established to record funds raised and disbursed.

All expenditures associated with a particular student activity will be determined by the advisor for the group.  Any expenditures from accounts relating to funds of previously-graduated classes must be approved by the appropriate class treasurer and/or class president in addition to the principal.  Inactive account balances may be applied to active accounts with the written authorization of the principal. 

Expenditures of a particular student activity account cannot exceed the balance of funds available.  ... [not finished...]