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Staff Reimbursement Requests

Ideally, staff reimbursement requests should be preceded by a purchase order so that approval for purchases are made in advance of actual purchases.  For example, if a staff member is attending a conference, expenses related to that conference should be estimated and encumbrances made to the associated accounts through a purchase order process.  If the staff member estimates that the mileage will be 100 miles and the cost of meals will be $25, a purchase order can be prepared for the eventual reimbursement estimated at $60 ($45 for mileage and $25 for meals).  Once the actual expenditures are made, the staff member should fill out the staff reimbursement request form, found below, and submit any associated receipts.  If the actual expenditures turn out to be $55, the AP clerk will process the payment of $55 to the staff member then liquify the remaining $5 encumbrance. 

We recognize that it is not always possible to complete a purchase order process prior to an expenditure but the staff member should make every effort to garner approval for the expenditures made and administrators should ensure that such expenditures are budgeted for and there are sufficient funds available. 
Reimbursement Request Form 8-7-12.ods
Oct 31, 2012, 9:35 AM