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Requisition/Purchase Order Process

It is important to follow the approval process that is in place in order for purchases to be processes expeditiously and vendors paid in a timely manner.  In the near future, we will be implementing an online requisition process through our Munis financial software.  In the meantime, the following procedure should be utilized when requesting a purchase to be made.

1.  Submit your requisition request to your school or department secretary using the form provided below.
2.  The secretary should assign an account number, which will be verified by the administrator prior to approval.  The administrator will then approve the requisition or return it to you.
3.  All products being purchased are to be delivered to a school facility mailing address.
4.  Approved requisitions are sent to the Director of Business Services for review and approval.  Incomplete requisitions will be returned.
5.  The Director of Business Services will forward approved requisitions to the Accounts Payable (AP) Clerk at Town Hall.  The AP Clerk will assign a purchase order number then mail or fax the PO to the vendor as necessary.
6.  Copies of the purchase order will be sent to the originator of the requisition.
7.  When the product arrives, the originator of the requisition will notify the AP clerk of the status of the order (order is complete, partial shipment was received, items were cancelled, etc.) and sign off on a copy of the PO.  This lets the AP Clerk know when it is appropriate to pay associated invoices and/or when to close out the PO.
8.  All encumbered funds will be liquidated at year end.
9.  Secretaries and administrators should verify that proper accounts were charged by reviewing financial reports from business office staff. 

NOTE:  Employees should only use personal credit cards for routine purchases when absolutely necessary.  The business office can place an order with a school department credit card for you. 
Laurie Brigham,
Aug 28, 2012, 6:03 AM