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Professional Development Requests

The Yarmouth School Department values professional development for teachers and staff and allocates funds for training as well as individual professional development experiences.   Individual requests for funding and time for professional development should follow the procedure described herein so that substitutes can be assigned, registrations can be made in a timely fashion and funds can be encumbered. 

Concurrently, the staff member shall put in an AESOP professional time request and fill in and submit a conference request form (provided below) to their building administrator or supervisor.  The conference request form shall include the following information:

a.    Conference or Workshop Title

b.    Date(s)

c.    Location

d.    Approximate Distance from Yarmouth or from the staff member’s home (whichever is closest)

e.    Cost for registration/fees

f.     Estimated cost for meals (not to exceed $45 per day)

g.    Cost for lodging and name and address of lodging (include number of nights and nightly rate, including taxes)

h.    Travel expenses, including airfare, mileage, transfers, etc.

i.     Other expenses

j.     Total expenses

k.    A brief summary of how the activity is tied to district and/or individual goals

If the principal approves the request, the form is passed to the building secretary responsible for these requests.  This secretary can then check the AESOP approvals to note when both the principal and superintendent has approved the time for the professional activity.  Once approved by both administrators, the secretary shall create purchase orders for all expenses and complete the registration process, if needed. 

Upon returning from the conference, the staff member shall submit all receipts to the school secretary, who can then request reimbursement, if appropriate, from the business office using the form and procedures provided under "staff reimbursement requests." 

Laurie Brigham,
Aug 25, 2014, 11:59 AM